Monday, October 7, 2013

New abstract painting

I am pretty thoughtful when creating art, especially my assemblage pieces. I often know what I want the final piece to look like before I start. If I am thinking about changing something, I like to ponder it for a bit before implementing it.  It makes for slow art making. Maybe that is why I like experimenting with dyes and fabric painting where I don't have an agenda. I just enjoy the process and ask myself "what if" often.

I am trying to set aside more time just to have pieces for play. Originally this piece was going to be the background for a bird/pulley/hand piece similar to this one, but with a textured blue background. I wanted to try a technique by Tracey Russell; she did a demo the Art Students League Denver a few weeks ago and it was very interesting. She layered paint, pieces of painted rice paper, and mark making in her piece.

I layered different blue painted rice papers and tissue papers in the piece and it really didn't look very good, so scumbled white gesso on top. I drew circles with black india ink and let them run down . I then added red marks in the center of the circles, then added the yellow section in the middle with finger painting.  I didn't like the black circles so covered them and most of the canvas with a dark Prussian blue. I used a wet paper towel to pull up some the paint. The red marks were kind of faint as they were originally done in a transparent paint. I made them stronger by re-painting them with an opaque red.  It's very abstract, I guess it could be a landscape. I liked it enough to call it done!  This piece is 12" x 12" on a wood panel.

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