Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Autumn leaves and Setacolor painted fabric

We had a bit of snow about a week ago, which took most of the leaves off our trees, and this made me break out my Setacolor fabric paints last weekend. When I do fabric painting with Setacolor transparent paint in the summer, I usually get little grass marks if I lay the fabric directly on the grass. So looking at my leaf covered lawn, I thought I would get subtle leaf prints if I laid some painted fabric pieces on the leaves.

I am still using up a giant roll of polyester organza I got at a thrift store a while ago. It's curtain fabric, so it's 120" wide. I have done a lot of painting on this fabric.

After drying:

This was a piece of who-knows-what that I found in my felted sweater stash. It looked polyester-ish, but is about the weight and thickness of a standard cotton.

 After drying:

More polyester organza, but with polyester netting over it.

I find all kinds of things in my studio stash.  I had this polyester netting in with my fabrics. I don't know why. I thought it would be cool to use the netting in a wet felting experiment, but didn't want it to be white. Since I put the painted netting over a piece of painted fabric, I will get a sun-print of the mesh on the fabric. I put this on a foam board so it wouldn't get any leaf prints on it.

After drying, fabric:

After drying, mesh:

This is polyester organza as well. I have it drying on a plastic tablecloth. I loved the colors and didn't want leaf prints on it.

After drying:

The before picture of this one was horrible so I didn't include it, but here is the picture once dry.

The organzas are roughly 3' x 5'. The before pictures are the full fabric, but the after pictures are only about half of each fabric.

You can barely see leaf outlines on any of them, which is disappointing.  If I can make time for another painting session before my husband sucks up the leaves, I will put  leaves on top, which will definitely give me leaf patterns! I am so sad I am out of fuchsia Setacolor paint, it's a new favorite.

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