Saturday, October 12, 2013

Wool "felt paper"

Using the same technique from my previous post, I made some additional wool "felt paper". I included some other fibers for highlights.  This is way quicker than traditional wet felting and I can make a few at the same time. I don't like having to wait for them to dry, but that is just part of the process. 

Here are pictures of the wool prior to wetting/applying textile medium:


This one is mainly wool with a dyed silk hanky included in the sky area. I included some red wool "nepps" (I call them wool boogers) to look like a sprinkling of flowers. For the most part, they stuck well, except that one on the right by itself, so I glued it on after it dried.

I purposely left the sky and ground a solid color to let the tress be the focal point on this one, but I find it rather blah.

I like this one better since it has some texture on the foreground.

Since these are held together with textile medium, I am not going to try any hand-felted accents, but may do some free-motion stitching on them.

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