Friday, October 18, 2013

Dyeing with discontinued Createx fiber dyes

There was an art store closing in my area the other week, and I went to buy a couple things. On the "free" table, there was a box of Createx liquid fiber dyes.  Not one to pass up free dyes, I thought I'd give them a whirl. I tried to find out how old these may be, since Createx doesn't make them any more, but couldn't find anything. My feeling is ten or more years, as they had a price tag from a different art store that hasn't been around for a long time (They had been opened and partially used, they weren't for sale in the store I was at. I think they were class supplies that got tucked away forever).

My first stab, I tried to ice dye with them, which was a huge waste of time. Evidently they don't like the cold. I washed them, soaked them in a Soda Ash solution again, and did low immersion dyeing. The bottles said they were concentrated and that I should dilute them 7:1 part water, but I did more of a 4:1 mix. The results aren't bad.  The best piece is in the first picture on the right. This is a heavy weight twill, almost a denim weight. The rest kind of look like a Monet painting. I think it's funny that they have some much pink/magenta in them, as I only used a small amount of red and a ton of blues and purples. I think the purples must have changed color due to age.  All the containers had rust, royal blue, a darker blue, and two purples. Some of them also got some red. Sorry, I hate to iron, so fabrics are still wrinkly.

These blues remind me of cloudy skies and I am thinking about  making a cloudy sky quilt with them.

I have a couple pieces that are blah, which I plan to dye Navy, with Procion MX dyes, sometime in the future. I have an idea for a quilt with Shiva stick texture rubbings.

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