Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Projects using stencilled felt

Yesterday I posted some pictures of felted wool that I had stenciled with Decolourant. Here are a couple pieces that I made with them.

I did a little hand stitching on this one, which I think added a nice pop of color but makes the image look less like a rose, which was the stencil.  I think I may add some accents with a fabric marker.

This one is pretty small, maybe 4" high. I love the circle stenciled wool. I still think it needs a little oomph.

This one doesn't have any stenciled wool in it. The top was a wet felted piece of cherry blossoms, but the overall design wasn't well balanced, and didn't really have a focal point.  The bottom is a piece of soy silk paper I made last week. I put a layer of felt under the silk to try to make it the same thickness as the top portion, but it's still a bit skinnier at the bottom.
After making these, I decided that trying to fold the wool around the wood house shape was not a good idea. I am going to work on some flat pieces, maybe try some abstract landscapes. I have a bunch of tarnished silver trays I bought to use as frames and I think I will try them with the patchwork landscapes.

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