Sunday, October 13, 2013

Oct meeting of CO Mixed Media, Square

For the October meeting, we decided to work on square pieces. There are quite a few Calls for Entry locally for square work, some specifically 12" x 12" and one that can be any size square.

Simone, Sabyl, Enid, Gayla, Liz, and I had a great time. I was so wrapped up in working that I didn't get my camera out until after Enid and Gayla had left.  Enid is starting a piece using some old family photos, I hope she brings it to the next group meeting so we can see how it is coming along. Gayla is working on a felted piece and wants to include some 3D elements. She finished laying it out at the meeting, so I hope I see it after it is felted.

Simone did a fabulous piece with a 50's era feel. It's pretty awesome.

 Sabyl is working with abstract shapes. I love the turquoise and pink!

This is one Sabyl just started.

Liz also used abstract shapes. As you can see, even though Liz and Sabyl are both using an abstract "vocabulary", their pieces, styles, and color palettes are much different.

I had a piece I had started previously with some collage, including masking tape and dripped paint, all in white. I wanted to work in a bright color palette, which is not something I usually do. After painting the background, I added some dots and dashes that I wanted to look like a flower field, but I don't think it's there yet. I am thinking of adding large flowers in the foreground, but I don't feel in a flowery mood today, so may just put more layers and colors and see what happens.

I played with some other things, but they aren't far enough along for pictures yet.

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