Thursday, December 4, 2014

Gelli printing with a crochet lace stamp and handmade stencil

My previous post here  shows how I made some stamps using lace and foam sheets. I used these to gelli print (on this post) and I really liked all the detail from the lace print. I decided to combine one of the lace stamps with a homemade stencil.

I made my stencil using this photo from a magazine.

I enlarged the image on my copier, then printed it on cardstock. I put contact paper on the front and back of the cardstock, then cut out the image (using scissors and an Xacto knife).  (You can see my previous posts on making home made stencils with contact paper here and here.) Here are my positive and negative stencils (I forgot to take a picture of it until after I printed with them).

Here is the lace stamp I am using.

I brayered white paint on my gelli plate and pressed the lace stamp into the wet paint using my hands, then removed the stamp.

I placed my stencil over the plate.

Then I printed it onto a previous magenta gelli print.

I typically could only get one print from this, and I also could not get a good print from removing the stencil and printing the remaining white paint that was underneath it.  In order to get a good print I had to re-apply white paint for each print.  I did quite a few prints, all on previous gelli prints.

For this print, I used red paint for the lace instead of white. I had stamped a hexagon stamp for her upper body and only pressed the lace stamp into the lower half, for her skirt. Then I put the stencil down and printed it.

After removing the stencil, I tried to print the remaining red paint on the plate, and I love this print. This is my favorite. And while I can repeat the hexagon and lace stamping, I have no idea how the gelli print that I printed it on was made. I have a feeling I may have printed the lady on it previously and it looked weak, so I printed on it again.

Here the lace is used for the background instead of the dress.

I didn't use the lace stamp on this one.

I absolutely adore this stencil and love the way it looks with the lace stamp.  I will probably use some pencils or markers to add some detail on these, but I think they look fantastic.

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