Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Foiling on Velvet

I have watched this Angie Hughes' YouTube video many times, where she foils on velvet  (skip to 12:50 for the start of the demo part)  and I recently added to my colored foil collection so I am finally giving it a try. I am not going to describe each step, as the video goes into a lot of detail. (Things like, always cover the whole project with parchment paper when ironing, and using a "craft" iron so you don't ruin your good one, are important points).

In the US, the Bond-a-web that is mentioned in the video is called Wonder Under. I can usually find a small cut of it (1/3 yard or so) in the clearance bin at Joanns every time I go. I decided to paint one side of my Wonder Under, which is something from one of Kim Thittichai's books. I used watered down Lumiere paints. Here is a picture of the painted Wonder Under. The backing paper crinkles due to the watery paint.

I used black velvet that I bought at a estate sale. I am unsure of it's fiber content; it doesn't look or feel like polyester, but I haven't given it a burn test. I ironed the painted Wonder Under to the velvet, after I had cut out some circle and wave shapes, and removed the paper backing just from the circles.

I sprinkled on large silver glitter and fine green glitter to the circles, covered it with parchment paper and ironed it so they would stick to the Wonder Under.

I then removed the backing paper on the lower portion.

The painted wonder under looks lovely, but I am going to add some foil.

I tried to use punchinella/sequin waste to create patterns in the foil, like Angie did, but I think my iron was too hot as I had a hard time removing the sequin waste. It was ironed to the Wonder Under in places. I think in general I was using too hot of an iron for the foiling. I had a difficult time removing the foil carrier sheet in places as well. I also think since I had painted the Wonder Under, it did not adhere as strongly to the velvet, and pulled up in places when I was pulling the foil carrier sheet off. I did iron some more painted Wonder Under over some of the holes and it blended in with the original layer pretty well. For the remaining exposed velvet in the upper portion, I will probably paint with Lumiere paints.

You can see the blue circles where I used sequin waste as a resist when foiling.

On the pink section in the middle, I used magenta glitter and pink foil. I did iron on some black glitter next to some of the circles, which you can see in this picture.

I think I am done adding foil at this point. Angie often adds a layer of colored or black sheer fabric over the top, which may look nice on this since it is pretty bright and gaudy.  I am thinking of cutting it up and using it in another project, where I think the bright colors would look great. I will be experimenting more with this technique as I still have quite a bit of foil, and already have some painted Wonder Under as well.

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