Monday, December 1, 2014

Gelli printing with crochet and lace stamps.

Yesterday I did a post on making stamps with foam sheets and crochet and lace.  This past weekend I did some gelli printing with these.

I previously had tried to stamp with these on canvas, but the details were too fine and the pattern disappeared.  In comparison, the gelli plate worked great and showed the details well.

Here is my stamp on the left and gelli plate with blue paint on the right.

I smushed my stamp into the paint, pressing firmly with my hands. Here is the plate after I removed the stamp.

I printed it over a previous red gelli print. 

I did try to get a second print on a different red gelli print but there was not a lot of paint remaining.

Here is my combination lace stamp and the gelli plate with orange paint.

After smushing the stamp into the plate.

The print. I printed this on a previous green gelli print. I think it would have looked better over a darker color.

Using the swirl crochet stamp, I printed using magenta on a plain sheet of deli paper. Here is the plate.
And the print.

This is a yellow print on a previous red gelli print. The turquoise is leftover paint on the plate from a previous print. I typically do not clean my gelli plate between colors, so I get some nice surprises like this sometimes.

And a couple more prints with the swirl stamp. This one on white deli paper.

Yellow print over a previous fluorescent pink flower print.

Yellow print over a previous gelli print (that already had about four layers on it).

The prints I liked best were either darker paints printed on white paper, or light colored paints over darker paper (previous gelli prints).  The contrast allows the lace details to show better.

In my next post I am going to combine using a lace stamp and a handmade stencil for gelli printing.

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