Sunday, November 30, 2014

Art Experiment: Make stamps from crochet lace

Art Experiment is a a series of posts using supplies which I own but have rarely (or never) used. Failure or success is not important, it is trying something different and seeing what can come from it.  There are three goals: try something new, use something in my supply stash, and have fun/experiment in the studio.

I have a lot of crochet doilies and lace in my stash.  I thought I would try making stamps from some of them.

For most of them, I used kids craft foam with adhesive on one side.

Here is the foam and some of my lace stash.

Here is the first one with four circles.
After peeling off the paper backing and attaching the lace, I cut around the pattern I wanted.  Since there were exposed areas of adhesive showing through the holes, I applied a coat of matte medium over the whole piece.
 A diamond shaped one:
This one I wanted pretty big, so I used a 12" x 16" piece of foam that did not have adhesive on it. I used matte medium to glue it down.
 Then I decided to make one with different laces on it. This picture is before gluing.
 After gluing.
 Tomorrow I will post some gelli prints using these.

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