Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bathroom Remodel

We finally finished remodeling the main floor bathroom.  I never would have thought this project would take three months. But the results are fantastic!

Here are some "before" pictures. There are a lot of things that had to change. First, this is a huge room, but the tub and toilet are so close to each other. There is no way to hang up the shower handle either.   Then there is the lovely embossed wallpaper, not just on the walls, but on the ceiling too. There is the oak paneling and linoleum floor that needs to go.  And again, huge room, but tiny pedestal sink.  Say goodbye to it all.

 Oh, and don't forget the peacock wall sconces!

We remove the paneling and wall paper, and discover the drywall (that was installed on top of the plaster walls) was never taped and finished. And they had so many screws in it, it looked like Swiss cheese.

We had to tape, patch, and sand so the walls could be painted.

Then we could finally paint. The tub sat in the dining room for about three weeks while plumbing was moved and the floor was tiled (not by us).

Here is the final result. The tub has been moved, lights replaced, and finishes updated. We still need to get an oval shower rod for the tub, and hang some art, but even without those things, it looks smashing!


  1. ohmy.. that is a beautifull bathroom you have. Somewhere somehow I would've sneaked in the peacocks thought, they are gorgeous :)

  2. The peacocks may become a mixed media art project!