Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dyeing Rayon crochet thread

I was at Craft Scraps a few weeks ago and got some white Rayon crochet thread for dirt cheap. I thought it would be great for embroidery. I cut it into sections and mixed up some Procion MX dyes in zip lock bags.

I waited an hour than added soda ash. I also added more thread at this time, some bags got more rayon thread, and each got some mystery white yarn that appeared to be cotton. I let it sit for a few hours then rinsed them out in the sink with synthrapol and water a bunch of times.  I need to start tying my yarns and threads prior to dyeing so they don't end up a tangled mess.

Here are my end results. The center shows the white rayon that I started with. I believe my colors are (starting at the top, then clockwise): Pagoda Red, Hot Pink, Golden Yellow, Bright green, Don't remember, Lapis (I think?), and Deep Purple (I think?). 
The rayon threads that I added with the soda ash are lighter than the ones that were sitting in the dye for an hour. I love them, now I need to go embroider something!

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