Tuesday, June 18, 2013

More iDye for polyester, overdye

My dye pot always seems to boil over when I do iDyeing on the stove. We recently re-did our kitchen and now have ivory colored quartz counter tops.  I did not want to stain our new counter tops, so I evicted my stovetop dyeing to the backyard.

I bought a plug-in electric burner at Bed Bath and Beyond and plugged it in with an extension cord to an outlet in the garage.  The table I have outside is not very stable so I put it on the patio flagstone. Other than having to hold the pot when I stir (as it wants to slide off the burner) and feeling like I needed to babysit it in case a squirrel or Yeti wandered into the yard and caught on fire from the hot plate, it went well.

I had dyed some polyester organza and a solid poly previously, which I wanted to be red, but ended up a sad pink color. I had hoped to dye it with blue dye so it would be purple, but only had black in my stash so that is the color I used.

The best part of doing this outside is that I didn't stink up the house, this stuff smells icky.

Here is the organza. I think I put too much fabric in the pot (as usual, when will I learn?) as it still has pink spots from the previous dye job, and a nice black splotch in the middle. Overall it is gray with pinkish areas.

This is the organza in a pile, I thought it was hard to see the true color while hanging on the line.
Here is the solid polyester. It is gray with pink patches too.

It sure isn't black, and I don't mind the mottled pink spots. It is way better than the sad pink it was originally!

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