Thursday, June 20, 2013

Chalkboard globe

Somewhere on the internet I saw a globe that had been transformed with chalkboard paint.  I thought it looked amazingly cool so I trolled my local thrift stores and found two globes at reasonable prices.

One of them easily came free from it's metal support. The other one did not.  I sanded both globes, then wiped them with a damp rag.  (Both globes did have bumpy mountains on them, which I didn't really worry about). For the one that was loose from it's frame, I set it on a long screw supported by a brick while I spray painted it with chalkboard paint.

For the one that was stuck in it's metal support, I blue taped the heck out of it and covered the support frame with newsprint.

The paint can said to apply two coats, but I did at least three.  I made sure to flip them over so the bottom hemisphere got well covered as well. I did have some over-spray on the metal support that I thought I had blue taped so well, but it easily came off with nail polish remover.

Now I need some chalk!

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  1. Hi Ginger,
    Can't wait to see what the final product might be.....but I found a sentiment that could apply. A birthday is a 365 day trip around the sun. Enjoy the ride! Do you have to use chalk? What about Stazon white ink OR white permanent ink marker. I have seen people stamp with white ink and then color in with colors on top. When you come I have some Spellbinder Hexagon dies that can make a quilt pattern for a project. Can't wait to see you....Love Ya, Mom