Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Field Trip to Sante Fe, part three

Sunday we were headed back to Denver, and took the High Road to Taos first.

We stopped at the Tesuque Flea Market just north of Sante Fe. It is on Indian land and they do not allow photographs. It was a nice market for jewelry, rugs, and yard art. It did not have any of the grungy rusty bits I like or vintage doo-dads.

We stopped in Chimayo to see the church. It is known for healing and has special healing dirt which you can take with you.  They were having mass so we could not really go inside and explore.

Then we stopped to look at the church in Las Trampas. The door was padlocked so we could not go inside.

It has been probably 12 years since I visited this area. It is amazing to me how much the church in Chimayo has flourished and expanded their grounds, compared to how run down the church in Las Trampas looked.  

Scenic view from the High Road. The puffy clouds were awesome that day!

We went to Taos Peublo just north of Taos. I had to pay extra to use my camera but it was well worth it. It is a very photogenic place and it was hard to pick photos to post here. I get fry bread when I come here, it's kind of like a giant sopapilla. There are quite a few locals that sell fry bread, Navajo Tacos, or have little gift shops as a part of their home here.

 Love those clouds!

We went to lunch at Orlando's in town. It is spicy! I found it a bit too spicy, but Allen thought it was great. Then back to Denver, while I read Notorious Nineteen by Janet Evanovich and took pictures of puffy clouds out the car window.

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