Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Painting citrasolv paper at Second Saturday club

At Second Saturday club we played with collaging and painting with Citrasolv background papers. See this link for making these papers.

Simone added doilies to what remained of Liz Taylor and painted over them.

Sue C had this lovely piece where the picture still partially remained and also had dissolved colors where a stencil had been. She also added some paint to this piece.

Another piece of Sue C's. The text was a rubber stamp.

Enid put a stencil over hers and rubbed away part of the color by using Citrasolv through the stencil, applied with a Q-tip.

This is mine. The top portion was basically untouched. The bottom part was white, so I added a horizon line and color/texture to the bottom portion.

Laurie collaged with hers.

 Sabyl collaged with hers too. I really like the white textured papers, which don't look like Citrasolv pages. I will have to ask her about those.

We had a lot of fun. I have about 4 more that I started that I need to work on! 

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