Monday, February 11, 2013

Craft Scraps, a shop in Littleton, CO

Last week I was down in Littleton, which is almost an hour from where I live, and I made sure to get over to Craft Scraps.

This is a very dangerous store for me as it has tons of bits and bobs at super reasonable prices. Basically, they buy other crafter's unused supplies and re-sell them in their shop at a major discount. I bought this super cool loopy wool yarn which I dyed in this post for $1.85 a skein. They did have some name brand wool that was $7 a skein so their prices do vary, but there are some great gems. I plan on adding some beading to the felted pieces that I have made in the last few weeks and picked up quite a few small bags of beads there. For the packs I bought, the prices ranged from 35 cents to $1.65.

Here is a picture of what I bought for about $50 (plus two more skeins of loopy yarn that I dyed). I think the most expensive thing was the gray texture plate at the bottom of the pile for $4.85, but I thought it would make a great rubbing plate for my Shiva paint sticks. 

 Little gems: crackle knobs, and vintage tin.

This is a great place, it is not huge but I probably spent an hour going through all the bins, beads, yarns, etc. This is a mixed media haven.  They do have scrapbook type things too, as wall as fat quarters, etc.  It really is a hodge podge of arty goodness. If you decide to go, don't say I didn't warn you how wonderfully addictive it can be.

(In addition, the guy who was running the shop that day was super helpful. I had disassembled a typewriter a while back and couldn't figure out how to get the keys unattached from the long metal piece attached to each one. I saw they had some for sale and asked how he removed them, and it worked like a dream!)

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