Monday, February 25, 2013

More collages in progress

Since I had pulled out a lot of different papers from my stash to work on some collages last week, I thought I'd start some more so I would have less paper to put away.

My plan was to use more of the bleached photos as well, but I didn't end up including any of them.  All of these are just the first layer, I plan to add more to them later on.

I had experimented with two water soluble pencils on gessoed mat board recently. On this one, I used General's Scribe all pencil.  When squirted with water the writing ran a bit, but did not dissolve entirely.  I liked the affect. I put a wash of Golden's Nickel Azo Gold mixed with glazing medium on top. I plan to add a darker brown as I think it is too yellow orange.  Then I attached a piece of Citrasolv paper (National Geographic magazines coated with Citrasolv on each page in a well ventilated room or outside, let it rest for 10 to 20 minutes, then tear out the pages and let them dry. I would recommend googling some better directions if you are interested in doing this). I like that the dark image looks like a roof and I plan to draw in a house in the center.

On this one, the writing is with a General's Sketch and wash pencil. I did not like it as much, when sprayed with water, the text dissolved so much it almost disappeared, and it made the whole page gray. I attached some painted tissue paper at the top and bottom. This one needs a lot of work as it is a hot mess. I think if I did a green glaze over the text it would look a lot better.

These next two are just different papers collaged to watercolor paper.  From top left, clockwise: stamped colored cardstock, painted brown paper bag, scrap paper that protected my work surface for a long time, Citrasolv paper, painted Tyvek with some stamped tissue paper and painted textured wall paper on top.

From top left, clockwise: Citrasolv paper (turquoise) with scrap from the purple/blue bleached photo I used in a collage last week (this is the back side of the photo, the photo ink smeared on the back side when I was bleaching it), painted Tyvek, large painted piece is scrap wallpaper that protected my work surface, and at the bottom is textured painted wallpaper.

I think these are great starts!

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