Monday, February 25, 2013

Kitchen remodel

 It's been a crazy couple of weeks, as we have been getting our kitchen remodeled.

We had wood cabinets from the 40's or 50's (which had been painted numerous times). They are old enough that one of the drawers was metal for a flour drawer. The counter tops were 3" tiles with wood trim on the front, and a star motif back splash at the sink from some 80's renovation.

There was a opening above the oven, but it wasn't really functional (provided a view of the back hallway) so we had it filled in so we can have more cabinet space. Also there is no coat closet in the house so we are going to put a cabinet for coats on the reverse side of this wall.

After the wood-look laminate floor was gone, we have this lovely blue linoleum underneath. (Remind me to clean up all the papers on the frig, that looks horrible!). The contractor chipped up the linoleum. It had been glued down with tar, so the floor was a bit sticky for a while.

 It's been about three weeks now, and all the cabinets are in, and the new wood-look laminate floor is in.  I got under-cabinet lighting (woohoo!). We are still waiting for the quartz counter tops, which will be another week or so.

Today is the first real day I have had the house to myself in roughly three weeks. I am loving the peace and quiet and I am looking forward to a productive week.

I saved about five or six of the old door fronts as I thought they would make good substrates for paintings or collages. I filled the holes from the knobs with spackle but I am waiting for a warm day to sand them front and back. We got 8" of snow yesterday so now I have to wait for the snow to melt as well, as I want to sand where there is currently snow. I am jonesing to do some snow dyeing, but really want to get some cotton or rayon velvet for this. I just want mottled colors on the velvet, and snow dyeing will do that. I am not concerned with the fractured look that snow dyeing can sometimes provide as the pile on the velvet will hide that. I could do parfait dyeing or low-immersion dyeing instead, but the snow is calling my name.

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