Friday, February 1, 2013

Dyeing wool yarn with Jacquard acid dyes

 I bought a couple skeins of this loopy wool for $1.85/ea. Hurrah! It was a bland tannish grayish color, and needed a dye job.

I soaked the yarn in water, squeezed the water out, then splashed some white vinegar on it. i mixed up some Jacquard acid dyes and used squirt bottles to apply them to my yarn. I left them in saran wrap for about a half hour to help the colors sink in and blend.  I then put them in ziploc bags and steamed the bags in my steamer dedicated to dyeing. I also included some silk/wool blend yarn as well. 

Again, I used too much dye and they ended up really dark. The time that I let the colors blend ended up with one color overpowering the other. The green at top left was supposed to be chartreuse and turquoise. The knitted section was to be green and golden yellow, but is orange. The red was supposed to be red and yellow. They still look really cool.  I had a little left-over dye and put some wool roving in with a mix of all the left-over dye. It has a nice variegated look.

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