Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rocky Mountain Sew Expo,unusual fabrics and fibers

This past weekend I went to the Rocky Mountain Sew Expo. One of the things I seem to always buy every time I go, is a bag of silk scraps. There was a new vendor (new, or I just don't remember seeing them there before) that had silk kimono scrap bags as well as kimono scraps by the yard, and clothing made from them as well.  I bought a bag of scraps for $10 and was amazed at the quantity and variety in the bag. Both of the following pictures show all of the fabric in this one bag. The overall dimension of each picture is roughly 36" x 48". (Sorry, I hate ironing, so I won't iron them until I am either using them or putting them away). I think I will have to make an art quilt with them since it is such a nice variety in one colorway, but I am also thinking of possibly nuno felting with them. The booth was Wabi Sabi Wares (they are on Etsy).

My other favorite bargain was wool "pebbles". I have some of my own from felting wool in the wash machine. I felt wool in zippered pillowcases and usually end up with a small quantity of these that are in the pillowcase after the felting process. I call these wool boogers.  Anyway, I got a ziplock sandwich bag full of them for $5.  They will look fabulous in my felted landscapes. This booth was Crawford Designs(.net), but it does not look like these are included in her online shop.

Not a bargain, but I love them. I love curly wool.  If anyone has a good source for dyed curly wool, please let me know. I would love to get a bigger quantity at a lower cost in solid colors, without any of the "mix ins", as I own plenty of mix-ins anyway. I also got some Angelina film at this booth, which I have been wanting to try.  I also found Bo-Nash bonding powder here, which I was having a hard time finding locally.  I believe this booth was Embellishment Village.

Not a bargain, but not something I see very often so I had to buy them. Three packs of dyed silk carrier rods and one package of dyed silk hankies. This booth had scrumptious dyed velvets but I couldn't justify the expense. I think Golden Quilt Company/Golden Fiber Arts may carry some of her items. The booth was Wild Heather Designs (.com).

A lot of the expo is traditional sewing and quilting, but it is well worth it to me, to go and find these lovely unusual items that just can't be found in a regular store. It's amazing that some silk scraps and wool boogers can make my day!

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