Monday, May 19, 2014

Marbling on fabric, part two

I did some marbling a few weeks ago, that post is here. I thought a lot of them could use a second layer. Also, I had problems with the paint adhering in the first session, so I wanted another layer in order to cover some of the sad parts.

The weather is much better this time, so I am working outside.  Here is my set up.  I have my carageenan mixture in the pan, and my diluted paints in little cups. I used a different pipette for each color.

Here I am putting paint drops in the carageenan mixture. I am pretty much using Jo Fitsell's technique for marbling.

Last time I had marbled one patchwork piece of dyed and painted fabrics, and I loved how it turned out. This time I am doing quite a few like this.  Here is my piece about to be laid into the pan.

I gently pat the surface to make sure there aren't any air bubbles.  I usually leave it resting in the pan until I can see the fabric is damp from the backside.  I used a mix of quilting cottons and canvas, and the canvas was slow to absorb the liquid.

Here is the piece just pulled off the surface.  As you can see, the colors of the original fabric make the paints look like different colors.

Wow, here are all my fabrics. I also did some wood pieces, and marbled on some paper collages.  

Here are some of the results.

And why not try cheesecloth?
I matted about fourteen pieces to sell at an art show in June.

My favorites are the patchwork pieces. Again, the marbled paint is the same color throughout but looks different depending on the fabric color underneath. The orange section is orange fabric, and the green/purple sections are on blue fabric.  I plan to mount the patchwork pieces on black painted canvas.

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