Friday, May 2, 2014

New Home in Kearney

Our bid got accepted for our new home in Kearney, NE.  It is lovely, it is old, and it is ours (pending inspection and closing).  This will definitely keep me busy through the summer and beyond. We haven't had the inspection yet, but we think it will go okay. We know it has a plumbing issue as the waterline does not hold pressure. That is accounted for in the price of the house.

The main and second floors only require some new paint and floor refinishing, except the kitchen.

Here is the living room.

 Dining Room looking toward the living room. 

Kitchen. I am looking into re-staining the cabinets ourselves if they work well, and replacing the counter tops. If the cabinets aren't functional, we will need to replace them.

Upstairs hallway.  I know it is totally old fashioned, but for some reason I totally dig the ivy carpeting and textured wallpaper.

Current Master bedroom. We plan on finishing the basement renovation the previous owners started, so the master will be in the basement. This room will be Allen's office.

My office/sewing room. My "wet" art area will be in the basement.

The guest bedroom. Go Huskers!  No really, all of this must go. It will be repainted, and I'd like to strip the paint off the wood window and base trim. It was amazing how many houses we looked at that had a "Huskers" themed room.

I cannot believe I didn't take a picture of the main floor bathroom, which is huge and has a claw foot tub.  I probably forgot as it had hideous dark eggplant textured wallpaper (you can catch a glimpse of it in the dining room picture).  There is no bathroom on the second floor, which is one of the reasons we want to complete the basement renovation.

Here is the master bedroom in the basement. I want to remove all the painted faux-wood paneling, which is on 50% of the walls in the basement.  The wall on the left side hides the walk-in closet.


My art room in the basement. I actually like this wall color, but we plan to open this room up to an adjacent area so I will be changing this to a light blue/gray.  I may paint the basement bathroom a color similar to this one though.

Basement bathroom. It is bigger than it looks in the picture. Closet on the left, and doors to furnace/water heater on right.

And a "vanity" to the right of the shower. I hate this blue paint. I plan to leave this a vanity area, but will put in a free-standing vanity table, a framed mirror, and updated light fixture.

Scariest room in the house. I want this to be the laundry room, and hopefully get a work/utility sink.

That completes the "as-is" tour of the house. I will do future postings as rooms get updated! We won't close til June, so I have one month to make a plan (not that I haven't been planning since we bid on it a few days ago).

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  1. It's a wonderful looking home Ginger. I agree with how likeable the wallpaper and lengthy ivy are. Extra nice room space looks like and while changes may be in the plan it looks nice enough as is to live in and handle improvements as time permits.
    I've never seen a utility room I loved but aren't they nice to have anyway?
    Nice I that you both can have seperate work office areas.
    I'm far fonder of America's older homes myself. Cars too actually.