Monday, May 26, 2014

Adding Shiva paintsticks to a whole cloth quilt

Last month, I had sewn up some whole cloth quilts, roughly 16" x 20", using some ice dyed fabrics. I had quilted and then painted two of them, which can be seen here.  I have two more that I had started, and I worked on one this weekend.

Here is my quilt with stitched clouds. I wanted the clouds to be more defined, so I decided to add white at the top of each cloud.

I used a white Shiva oil stick and a stencil brush to apply it.  After removing the waxy coating from the stick, I rubbed it on a piece of freezer paper.  Then I rubbed the stencil brush into the paint and then applied it to the fabric.  I could have used the oil stick directly on the fabric, but it would have been more opaque than I wanted.

Here is the finished piece.  After letting the paint air dry a couple days, I will iron it to heat set it.

I still have one more whole cloth quilt to finish, it has big pink flowers.  I have done the free-motion stitching, and will probably add some Setacolor transparent paints to enhance the colors. Off to the studio to finish it!