Sunday, May 11, 2014

Denver Botanical Garden, field trip

The Denver Botanical Garden was having a plant sale on Friday and Saturday so admission was free.  I wanted to take some photos of the lily pads (for reference for an art piece) so I thought I would swing by. It was a beautiful, around 70 degrees and sunny, and I ended up wandering around for an hour an a half.

I am a sucker for poppies. My big ones at home should flower soon.

 The fruit trees were flowering.

I don't know what type of tree this is, but I liked the color contrast.


I am not sure what this is either.


Tree peony.

Even the cactus were blooming.
 Koi fish (for reference for an art piece as well).

All of the spring flowers were out: lilacs, irises, tulips, bleeding hearts, and lots of others. The next day, Sunday, we got lots of snow, so I wonder if they all survived.

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