Monday, February 10, 2014

CO Mixed Media Club, February meeting

This Saturday was our February meeting and we did a couple interesting techniques with stencils.

One technique was to put a citrasolv paper or magazine page on top of the stencil, and sand the page to remove some of the paper where the stencil design was.  These four are on citrasolv paper. 

The other technique was to put the citrasolv paper or magazine page on the table, face up, then put the stencil on top, then put packing tape over the surface. Then soak it in water for a few minutes, take it out, and rub all the excess paper off. Paper will remain where there are holes in the stencil. Then pull the tape off of the stencil. The tape pieces should overlap at least a 1/4" to help prevent the tape from ripping when you pull it off.   The big 12" x 12" stencils took a lot of muscle and work to get the tape off.  I definitely recommend trying it with a small stencil first. I struggled with this one for at least a 1/2 hour, but I love my chrysanthemums made from a newspaper with Chinese writing.

Here is Trish's. Her paper pulled away from the stencil, so she has got a nice paper piece as well that she could use in collage.

Here are some packing tape designs of Enid's.
Here are Sabyl's Ginkgo leaves.

Laurie's polka dots.

 Enid's sanded samples. Love the diamonds on the mountain!

 I think this is either Laurie's or Trish's sanded piece.

We also did some painting on Gelli plates, in layers, let the paint dry, then put packing tape on top. The paint is completely removed by the tape. This is Laurie's.

 Here Enid is laying the tape on her Gelli plate.

Some people even started working on a collage. Here is Liz's work in progress. It includes both the sanded papers and a packing tape gelli paint transfer (cut into multiple pieces).

 Here is Gayla's. Love the tear shaped stencil tape.
 Susan's work in progress. I like the face on the tape stencil transfer.

Here are Sabyl's pieces that she made as demos. They are very different. The top on is mainly tape stencil transfers on a painted background.

I really struggled with my large stencil tape piece and it was a real pain to get the tape off the stencil. I will probably think twice before trying that again. The smaller stencils were too bad and I did quite a few. The sanding technique was super easy and quick, so it was a nice break from dealing with the tape.


  1. Nice job putting the day together with photos! It was fun to experiment and play, no finished project required! It opens the door to some possibilities!

  2. I need to work on getting more shots of us working! So much of our enjoyment is spending time together, as much as playing with the techniques.