Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Resin Hearts

I made a bunch of resin hearts this past week. Here is my collection.

I use plastic hearts that come with candy inside as my molds. I cut a hole in the back using my dremel, to pour the resin in. I tinted my resin with red alcohol ink.

The one on the left has broken red glass in it. The one on the right has Christmas tinsel in it.  I had to tap the mold quite a bit to get the resin to go through all the tinsel.

The one on the left has a magnifying lens, clock spring, some kind of gear that I threaded with a wire.  The one on the right has a heart shaped cooking tin.

The one on the left has pink coated wire, the one on the right has plastic star garland.

This one has rusty wire inside. It is hard to see so I took another picture with it back lit. I attached the nails with Epoxy clay, and painted the clay and nails bronze when the clay was dry.

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