Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

I wanted to make some hearts that look like heart milagros, but they are not quite finished.

The first set I took these wood angels (left) and cut the bottom of them to look like fire or a crown. I then glued it to the back of a paper mache heart.

Here is the front side.

And I might well make a handful.

The other set, I used wood appliques and cut them each into two pieces. I cut them with a bit of a curve so they would fit to the top of the heart. I just used a dremel with a circular blade.

Here they are with the wood pieces attached. I used regular gel to attach the two and have a thin piece of paper on the backside to help hold them together.

I've gessoed all of these, but still need to paint them and add gold leaf.

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