Friday, February 14, 2014

Stamping on fabric

For a show coming up in the summer, I decided to make some layered fabric collages (similar to what Cas Holmes does), and wanted a coral/underwater theme for some of them.

I cut a coral stamp from sticky back foam and attached it to a metal plate to make stamping easier.

I also wanted to use this wood block I had bought at the Pasedena flea market last month.

Here are my fabrics. Stamping is kind of like fabric dyeing for me.  I start with a couple of pieces of fabric, then just start looking for more and more fabric to use. Clockwise from left is a sheer polyester, the blue and gold sheer with gold trim is from a cute Indian inspired dress my niece outgrew, gold fabric, shibori dyed cotton, Setacolor painted fabric (bottom center) and patterned commercial fabric (center).

I may go and touch up some of the coral with a brush.

Here are the wood cut prints, clockwise from top left, bluish sheer with sequins, commercial print, Indian light blue sheer, hand-dyed fabric, Setacolor painted poly organza (center bottom), blue faux-silk (bottom left), sheer poly, and Setacolor painted cotton/poly blend (center).

Setacolor painted poly-cotton

Light blue sheer with sequins. I stamped on the backside, the front side of the sequins were super glitzy. I don't even know why I own this fabric.

I used Neopaque paints for these.  True Red, and white/turquoise mix (with a touch of Golden Fluid Acrylic in Pthalo Green) I think I need to go make some red prints with the wood block!

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  1. Lovely Ginger!!! I love the coral stamp, different subtle colors together could be beautiful too. And that woodblock is beautiful and so delicate.