Sunday, July 21, 2013

CO mixed media club, July meeting

For our July meeting, we used the new Speedball water based block printing ink for fabric to print soft cuts. Soft cuts are stamps/print blocks cut from linoleum, carvable surfaces fabricated by Speedball, Marvy erasers, etc.

We had carved some of these in a previous meeting so this was our chance to actually print with them if we hadn't done so before.

Sue Clarke's, I believe this stamp was actually made from sticky foam shapes attached to a substrate (printed on a book page).

Sue's print from Gayla's carved stamp.

Sue Clarke, Lots of layers, including a gelli plate print .

Sue Shenk's lovely flower garden

Gayla's prints from her carved block.

Gayla's prints in a different colorway. "Laundry line" carved stamp by Simone.

Simone's test print of some new stamps.

Simone's print on a Tshirt.

The start of Sabyl's print on a Tshirt.

Sabyl's test prints, her Tshirt looked like the one on the left when it was finished. 

Laurie's prints
This one was on a hand dyed fabric and looked really cool.

Enid's leaf print on patterned fabric. I wish I had a picture of her other print, which kind of reminded me of a quilt block pattern.

I spent a lot of time carving this skeleton stamp during our meeting, but love the results, printed on vintage linens.

The ink has to dry for a week but says it is permanent after that time. I will probably iron them anyway.  I printed some of my skulls with foil adhesive and will show the results after applying the foil tomorrow.

We had a fun day and had great results!

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