Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Field trip to San Diego

We went to San Diego for a five day weekend and had a great time. The skies were hazy just about the whole time, but I was glad to get away from the 90 degree heat in Denver.

We did some easy hikes around Torrey Pines State Park. We saw some dolphins and a seal from one of the beach overlooks.

We went to the zoo. I used to love pandas when I was little. I even had a stuffed animal panda named Tsunami.

We ate too much. This was a red tortilla encrusted chili relleno at Prado.(This was amazingly good, except the cabbage).

We watched some surfers. The water was freezing.

We went to the San Diego Botanical garden. I have started an art quilt of water lilies so needed to take lots of reference photos.

We walked around the Balboa park area. There were quite a few museums, but we just stopped in the Timken.  In an area between the main drag and the zoo, there is an artisan area. It was really quite cool as most of the spaces were studios as well as shops, and there were quite a few artists working (an oil painter, a collage paper artist, etc.). I bought some handspun wool yarn that was silky soft and kind of kinky/curly.

And of course we walked on the beach and stuck our toes in the ocean.

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