Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Field trip to Cherry Creek Art Festival

Every year on Fourth of July weekend, Denver hosts the Cherry Creek Art Festival.  I try to make it every year.  This year I found the art to be more my style than the last one I went to. There were quite a few mixed media artists which always appeals to me. There were some fiber artists, mainly with artistic scarves and jackets, but the art quilter was my favorite fiber artist there.

I thought I'd post the names, and websites if available, of some of the artists' whose work I enjoyed.

Terrie Mangat, art quilts. Website. Terrie had some lovely large quilts of florals and still lifes. They had a ton of texture and included traditional piecing along with less traditional methods.

Amy Gillespie, fiber/wood. Website. Amy stacks cut pieces of felt into abstract and landscape images and imbeds them into custom wood "frames".

Dolan Geiman, mixed media. Website. Dolan had this fantastic buffalo head made from metal pieces, as well as a three dimensional owl.  He had some assemblage guitars which where really cool.

Brad and Sundie Ruppert Website. Mixed media. Fun signs and portraits made from wood and found objects, with lots of color.

John Whipple, sculpture and painting. Blog. And Lynn Whipple, mixed media. Website and Blog. This husband and wife team have been at the festival for many years. John has an article in the current Somerset Studio magazine.  Lynn has been featured in it before as well. Fun and quirky.

I cannot find the other person I wanted to include here. He made wood furniture, mirror frames, etc carved out of wood and then completely covered them with color coordinated bottle caps.  I looked through the whole Cherry Creek Festival website and cannot find his name or a picture of his art.  It was really fun and colorful.

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