Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Foiling stamped images on fabric

In my last post, I showed some fabrics I had stamped with a skull stamp I had carved. I also used this stamp to stamp foil glue onto some fabrics. I had a hard time finding foiling adhesive at Michael's, I used Plaid glitter and foil adhesive, which was the only one I could find there.

Per the instructions, after waiting 24 hours, I ironed my Mylar foil onto the glue. The results are pretty poor. My feeling is that there was not enough adhesive on the fabric. I will probably try the glue again using a stencil instead, or find another glue.

This is probably the best one. This was a commercial fabric I over-painted and sun-printed on with Setacolor paints.

This was a marbleized fabric. This foiling looks horrible.

This one was on a Tshirt but the foiling looked very patchy.

I used Lumiere bronze paint to paint over the image.

Not super fantastic, but I will definitely wear it.

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