Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Framed Day of the Dead skulls, Part 1

Michael's finally has some Halloween stuff coming in. I picked up a bunch of these paper mache skulls. They also had some ornate frames in the clearance section, so I picked some of those up as well.

I cut the back of the skull off so that it would lie flat in the frame (I left "tabs" to be able to attach the skulls later on).  I glued some paper behind the eye/nose/cheek openings so that I could fill them with paper clay. Paper clay need a surface to stick to and will not attach without something behind the opening. I mixed some matte medium into my paper clay so it would adhere well. After the paper clay dried, the skulls were gessoed and painted white. I will work on adding day of the dead touches to the skulls next week!

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