Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Paris Flea Market

Ah, the first Saturday of May. It was a glorious thing and the start of the Paris Flea Market at Aspen Grove. I have been waiting anxiously. Usually the first one is somewhat disappointing as they typically don't have as many vendors as they do later in summer.  Boy, this year that was not the case! Lots of vendors, and lots of customers! Finding a parking place was a real challenge.

Last year I was on a suitcase hunt as I was turning vintage suitcases into tables, and the ones at this market were always super pricey. This year (when I already have a stash and don't need anymore) they were all over the place for around $25-$35, which in my mind, is somewhat reasonable. Luckily I did not find one that I couldn't live without!

So what did I find this month? A trio of plastic birds for $8 for the set. An X and O for $6 each, which was a little more than I would have liked to pay but I do have specific projects for them.  I bought another coal shovel because the price was right, $5.  I need to work on making art with my shovel collection as I am now up to 6 or 7 of them.  The rusty straight piece I found in a different shopping mall parking lot later in the day.  Some people like shiny bits, I like rusty bits!  (Okay, I like shiny bits too!)

And the big score of the day, a free glass shelf niche thing.  It had a break in the glass on the side, and it was under the vendors table. I asked if it was sold, and she said it was falling apart and too fragile for her booth and I could have it for free. Sold, for the price of zero! What to do with it is another thing entirely. I would like to use the curved pieces at the top, and also use the back and shelf for something, which means I need to rip out all the glass parts. I am concerned the solder may have lead in it, as I could probably use my soldering iron to disassemble it.

And yesterday I found this lovely target for 70 cents at the thrift store. I love a bargain and think this is fabulous! I have an idea for it too.
All in all a good weekend of doo-dad shopping!

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