Monday, May 6, 2013

Hands and Hearts assemblage

I've spent the last week working on an assemblage using the resin hearts that I posted here.  I had a bunch of mannequin hands that I had bought on Craigslist a while back and wanted them on the sides of the box.

The box that I used was a cigar box, it is quite large, roughly 27" x 10". I had bought it at a thrift store and it needed some TLC. I cleaned it with water, and used a touch-up pen to touch up the wood.  I did two separate coats of Wax 'n' Feed since the wood looked really dry.  I took out the lock hardware since I didn't have the key.  I took out the plexiglass in the door as it had the cigar company's name etched in it.

The hands have three holes in them for attachment, so I made a template of the hole pattern and transferred it onto paper that I had attached to the box. I drilled the holes and attached the hands with screws.

Then I added separate side panels on the interior of the box. On the right side, to cover the screw heads. On the left side, to cover a separate channel area in the box. I applied toner copies of text that says "He loves me. He loves me not." over and over in small type. I did a thin wash of white paint over this to soften the text. I attached 1-1/2" wood blocks to the back of the box with screws, then screwed the hearts into the block. They have a nice floating quality to them. I cut and hot glued a new plexiglass piece for the door. I actually put LED lights in the box around the edge. It is a very white light and makes the piece look stark. I was hoping the red resin would reflect red off of the lights, but that did not happen.

I made this piece for a show that was due yesterday, but I feel that something is missing, so submitted another piece instead.  I am going to work on some other things and think about what this piece needs. Any ideas? Maybe chains, as I love them and have a bunch. Maybe handwrite some text?  Maybe a pile of broken red glass at the bottom of the box? Maybe add something to the top of the box?

I am going to work on some smaller pieces this week and will post those later in the week.

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