Friday, May 24, 2013

Field trip to Sante Fe, part two

Saturday morning, we decided to go to Canyon Road. We did a quick stop at the farmer's market first. It had a lot of produce, and across the street there was a small area with artists.  We couldn't really buy any produce while on vacation, so I am not sure I would consider it a tourist destination.  Instead of eating breakfast at the hotel though, we should have gotten a pastry or something here. They looked delicious.

We took our hotel shuttle over to Canyon Road. We went into a lot of galleries and I thought it was great. They definitely have a very high caliber of art here.

I really like Geoffrey Gorman's work. He makes these animals out of cloth and wire and hardware. This one was on exhibit in a display in the La Fonda hotel, but he had works in a gallery on Canyon Road as well.

For lunch we went to The Compound. 
Allen got the soft crab sandwich. I got the scallops with crispy pork belly and a rhubarb glaze. It came with polenta "croutons", which were large polenta squares and not hard like a crouton. The whole thing was delicious. I think it is the best pork belly and best polenta I've ever had. They kind of overwhelmed the scallops, but it was all wonderful.

We wandered down Canyon Road some more after lunch. Later in the day we went to the Marble Brewery Tap room for pizza and beer on their upstairs patio that overlooks the square. I was disappointed that they only had beer (no wine, no margaritas) but it is a brewery after all.  After dinner, we walked to the top of the hill at Marcey's Fort. I was hoping for a good sunset, but it was an hour from sunset and the clouds were rolling in.

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