Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wet-felted house and trees

 I took this picture the other day of a house in the neighborhood. I liked the way the trees framed the house. I also like the simplicity of it. I decided to do this picture in felt, and will put leaves on the trees since summer is on the way (never mind that we may get 12" of snow on Saturday).
I used white as my base. I then added a medium blue for the top sky and a light blue towards the bottom. I did use some hand carders to make a blend of the two colors for the transition. I basically used my white base layers for the house.

Here I have added the tree trunks and branches, the sidewalk, grass, and door.

For the leaves, I took many colors of green roving and cut them in tiny pieces over the trees to make the leaves.  Leaves are dark green wool, grass green wool, grass green bamboo, yellow green wool, bright green bamboo, light green bamboo, and light green wool.

Here it is after it is felted and I pinned it on a board to dry. I will post another picture when it is dry, as the colors should lighten up.  The house at this stage reminds me of a beehive, since the sides are curved.

This photo is after it had dried. I plan to add details, trims, windows, more leaves, etc., with needle felting.

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