Friday, March 1, 2013

Nuno felting, my work-around

In my last post, I tried nuno felting but I think my silk was too tight a weave to get it to work right.

I refuse to let the silk "win", so I used my trusty felting machine and machine felted the heck out of it. Take that, silk. I win!

I really wanted the silk to get kind of scrunchy, so I soaked the project in hot water and "fulled" it. In felting terms, I wrung out some of the water, then dropped/threw it in the (empty) kitchen sink quite a bit to help make the wool shrink. I win again!

It may not be perfect. I would definitely do things differently next time, but I was thrilled for it to be almost what I envisioned in the beginning. And I may short cut with the felting machine on another wet felting project I have in mind, too!

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