Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Adding needle felting to a wet felted piece

I had made this wet felted piece about a month ago, and I thought the black branches were to dominant. In order to help the piece, I decided to add some other  branches to the background. I printed a black and white copy of the image and played with where the branches would be.
Please note, that I did re-wet and re-roll this piece to help remove some of the ripples, and let it dry prior to needle felting.

Here I am auditioning some colors for the branches. A light green and a brown is on the left, a grass green and yellow-green is on the right. I went with the light green on the left.

Here is the piece with the added background branches. I think they may be a touch dark, but I plan to add more details to the flowers so I hope that will help bring the flowers into focus. I did needle felt some yellow-green bamboo fibers around some of the cherry blossoms. I also straightened some of the curves in the main branch and needle felted some more black towards the center of the branch where it was a bit thin.  I then backed this with an iron-on interfacing in order to do some machine and hand stitching.

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