Saturday, January 19, 2013

Too many projects!

I have been working on multiple projects this week and need to finish them up. I haven't posted recently since everything is pretty much in process, but it's been a few days so I thought I'd show some in progress photos.

When I made my journal the other day, I had enough paper to make a second smaller journal. This one is about 4 1/4" x 7 1/2". The leather cover is really floppy so I may attach some cardstock or something on the inside to stiffen it up.

I wanted to lighten up the background canvas that is for my larger piece. Each time it dried, it still wasn't light enough. I think in the end I painted four additional coats. I was using watered down washes as I did not want to totally obliterate the first layer, and I didn't want a thick layer of paint. I also stitched on the lace pieces this week.

I started to pin down the circles, but the fabric was still a little damp. I plan to work on this piece next, until it's finished.

I did add some more paint/layers/marks to the smaller canvas pieces, but they still need a lot more work.

I got Beaney and Littlejohn's "In Stitches" DVD for my birthday. They do a lot of hand stitching/embroidery, but also do some other fiber work. So I started a stitched piece on dissolvable film with wool yarn. After hours of this, I realized what they showed on the DVD did not represent how long it actually takes to do this type of thing. I do like it and this project is great to work on while watching TV at night.

And another evening TV watching project. I plan to felt it when it is a reasonable size. I should have used larger needles and will switch to 13's when I knit the rest of the ball.

I will show a step by step on this one when it's done.  My "visible man" that I used for this piece, had a heart shaped stand that I thought I'd use my torn rice paper with gesso technique on. I found a cigar box in my stash, which I gessoed. I decided while it was drying to put some spackle on the wood lid of the box (which I had taken off) for some future project.  I was having such a good time spackling that I spackled the interior bottom of the box as well. 

I went to the thrift store the other day and found this rusted metal plate that is attached to a wood frame. It is awesome and cost $4.  I thought this would be great for a bell that I have been wanting to use, as it really needs a sturdy support in order to ring the bell. I pulled out an assortment of other stuff that I may use for this piece but it's still on the back burner since I plan to concentrate on assemblage in February.

The nice thing about working this way is I always have something to work on while another project is drying. The bad thing about working this way is I have quite an assortment of unfinished projects.

Tonight we are going to the Van Gogh exhibit at the Denver Art Museum. It's the last weekend and they are open late (or 24 hours?), and we could only get tickets for late evening, so will be going at 10:30 pm.  Tomorrow we are going to out to brunch ( I love going out for breakfast), dropping off some art for an exhibit at the Bemis Library (which will be on display the 20th through the 30th), and stopping by Zip 37 Gallery to see the Mixed Media show that includes my "Revolution" piece.  My husband made smoked pizza today so it's a great weekend!  He made a one minute Youtube video on how to make a smoked pizza, here is the link.

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