Thursday, January 10, 2013

Adding decorative fabric to a cross body bag

I needed a new bag that would fit my new camera as well as other stuff. I found this cross body bag at the thrift store, but it needed an update.

I painted over the white and red with Setacolor opaque black paint (and ironed it on a polyester setting with a piece of parchment over it, after the paint was dry). I knew I was going to put a piece of fabric over it, but did not want the white and red showing at the edges.

This is basically the patch I made. I had to re-do it for the one that I actually used.  I made it a bit too short.  I did not cut the corners on the one that I used, as I was afraid the fabric would unravel at these cut corners.

I used steam-a-seam 2 and pressed my seam allowances in.

I then ironed the fabric onto the bag. I did do a tacking stitch all around the edges. Way better and has more character than a solid black bag!

On Monday I will post on a new blank journal I am making. I will show ones I've made in the past, including some pictures of the interior pages.  It really makes me happy to have a handmade journal! 

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