Monday, January 14, 2013

Ice dye results, and Seattle visit

This weekend I was on the Olympic Peninsula visiting my step-son. The weather was pretty chilly but we did do a one mile walk to this waterfall.

I also bought myself some pretties. A few fat quarters, some dyed silk (the blue) and some dyed wool. 

Now that I'm back, I ironed all the fabrics from my ice dyeing last week.This should be layer one from the first pot. Cobalt/Carmine/Hot Pink.

Layer two had two pieces of fabric. This layer was Azure and Emerald Green.

Here you can see the original white pattern on the fabric is still visible. It adds a little something to the fabric. It shows on the back side as well, but is much more subtle.

 I had a piece of silk in there too.
This is the first layer of the second pot. Bronze/Golden Yellow/Avocado.
 And a detail.

 Second layer, Deep Purple/Bronze/Pomegranate

Last layer, Hot Pink/Azure/Emerald Green

That is all of the ice dyeing! It is fun and the results are always unexpected!

I did some other dyeing as well. I was experimenting with removing color and redyeing, and I tried it on Kona and standard cotton. The color removed better on the standard cotton, but the dye is a bit more vivid on the Kona. The color looks different on them as well.

Kona, purple.

Cotton, purple.

Kona, maroon.

Cotton, maroon.

I am going to put quite a few of these for sale on Etsy tomorrow if anyone is interested!

I didn't finish up the homemade journals today.  I ended up making chocolate banana bread and shrimp and chorizo stuffed peppers and just ran out of time.  I'll finish and post those tomorrow!

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