Thursday, January 10, 2013

More ice dyeing, layered in a pot

I bought about two yards of this fabric at the thrift store and thought I would ice dye it. It has a white printed pattern on it.  When dyeing this kind of fabric, the print stays white and the rest of the fabric accepts the dye.

This is sometimes called "parfait" dyeing (layering fabric/ice/dye). I cut my fabric into fat quarters so I have eight pieces. I am only dyeing 6 of them this way.

I soaked my fabric in water with soda ash for about an hour.

I am using a large enamel pot, and put an enamel strainer in the bottom. As the ice melts, I don't want the fabric to sit in the puddle of water in the bottom of the pot. The strainer is about 1 1/2" high.

I squish my fabric so it fits in my enamel pot. 

I then add a layer of ice.

I sprinkled Procion MX dye powder on top, three colors and less than a teaspoon of each. I then did another layer of fabric/ice/dye powder. The first pot I only got two layers. The second pot, I got three layers.

I threw in a piece of sheer that I was pretty sure was polyester. Sure enough, it didn't dye.

I will show the results on Monday!

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