Saturday, January 5, 2013

Continuation of the bubble wrap pieces

After my last post about my big canvas piece, I left the cling wrap on top of the painted circles overnight.  This morning I took it off and here are all my scrumptious circles.  They did not have a design on them from the cling wrap (it works on watercolor paper, so I really thought it would work here, usually gives lines wherever there is a wrinkle in the cling wrap). But they have a ton of color variation and I think they are great.

On some of them, the red I added (to darken the color) separated and created a cool color pattern.

And of top of all that deliciousness, the "fabric" I used under them to protect my foam board is all kinds of wonderful. I am not sure what I am going to do with this background piece. I used it because it was big enough to cover the foam board I was using to protect my work surface. This "fabric" is something I inherited from an arty acquaintance. I have no idea what it is. It looks like fabric on the face, and very thin plastic on the back, but has a feel of paper. I tried to see if I could separate the fabric from the plasticy backside, but no luck. I think I am going to make something out of it, and attach it to mat board, and mat and frame it. I didn't take a picture of the whole cloth after removing the circles, but will try to remember to do that.

Also in my last post, I had left some bubble wrap on some small acrylic painted canvases while they were drying. Instead of creating texture in the paint, it was more like a sun print. Wherever the bubble wrap was, ended up being almost white.

I mixed up some acrylic paint on a palette, then inked up my brayer, and rolled the paint on the bubble wrap.

After putting the paint on the bubble wrap, I turned it paint side down on the fabric, and rubbed the backside with my hands to transfer the paint. I find it interesting but still need a lot of work. I have two other pieces of a similar size that I am working on as well.


  1. it is a really nice idea,thank you for sharing

    1. Thanks! These are still in my unfinished pile for more layers.