Monday, August 11, 2014

Fabric collage

Back in April, I took a class with Cas Holmes, and I finally have some time to explore some things.  I love the colors and patterns in fabric (either commercial fabrics, or my own dyed, painted, or surface designed fabrics)and am working on creating fabric collages with free motion stitching, and/or hand embroidery.

For these pieces I layered different fabrics and glued them to one another using fabric medium.  Fabric medium is not a super strong adhesive, and I could pull the layers apart if I wanted to.  I had previously tried this with watered down PVA, but thought the glue was too plastic-y, and I had a lot of trapped air bubbles which didn't look very good.

Here are my glued pieces.  I think this adhesive worked great on cotton type fabrics, but the polyester sheer looks strange and plastic-y.  The thick pink crocheted piece did not glue on at all.  I plan to work on machine stitching and embroidering on these, but think they are a good start.

This one has air bubbles/wrinkles in the pink shibori area

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