Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Revamping thrift store finds with spray paint

Spray paint is great for sprucing up a thrift store find.  I have been hunting for an interesting plant stand that would hold a large pot for a while now. I ran across this "faux bamboo" plastic plant stand for $2 at the local thrift store.  It breaks down into separate pieces which made it easier for spray painting.

After a couple coats and re-assembly, it looks very nice,

And fits my plants well.

While I was at it, I found this plastic "faux bamboo and rattan" mirror.

I gave it an orange paint job. I know some people will think this is a horrible color, but I plan on having an aqua/orange color scheme in the basement bathroom.  I will take it to the Modernism Show in Denver, but if it doesn't sell, it's going in my bathroom.

Fixing up a thrift store find is a great way to find an item for your home and putting your own mark on it. I may paint colored stripes on the plant stand legs (or yarn bomb them) to add some more color to the room.

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