Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Weekend in Denver

This past weekend, I headed back to Denver to hang out with my friends and also share a booth with Susan and Bill at the Denver Modernism Show.

Here's a picture of Susan and I in the booth.

The sunset from the National Western Stockshow Complex on Thursday night was beautiful.

Saturday night we had sushi for dinner, then went for drinks at Adrift, a tiki bar.

Our group picture at the bar was photo bombed by some drunk girl from Michigan. She insisted on being in it and the poor girl taking the picture was stuck waiting while the Michigander told us her whole life story.

Sunday at the Modernism show, there was a car show as well.  It was a fun photo op, but the lighting was pretty harsh.

I had a fabulous time with my peeps, Susan, Sabyl, and Melanie!  And a shout out to Bill for being a great booth-mate at the show.

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