Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Paper Collage with CO Mixed Media Club

For this month's meeting, our group did painting/collage similar to Elizabeth St.Hilaire Nelson. Her website is here. 

First, we did a basic painting so we had a guide for where to put the colored papers.

Here is Sabyl's example she had made earlier in the week.  She did not completely cover the background painting with collaged papers, but let the painting show through.

Here is Sabyl's work in progress on her new piece. She is collaging over more of the painting on this one.

This is Simone's. I love the sewing pattern showing through on the lower right corner.

 Gayla's is bright and cheerful.

Sue Clarke's little birdie is the cutest.

Enid has a fun hedgehog.

Trish has her underpainting done. So happy!

I am working on a sunset and it looks horrible right now but I have high hopes. I collaged the lower landscape and top sky with citrasolv papers, but still have most of the sky to complete.

This was a piece I had colllaged with rice paper previously and it looked pretty bad. I have done an underpainting of trees reflected in a lake, but haven't started the paper collage yet.

We agreed to bring these back to our next meeting, so I will post update photos then!

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