Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mosaic tile picture frame

For my parents' 50th wedding anniversary, my sister and I decided to make a mosaic tile picture frame. My sister made a lot of the tiles and did the assembling, but I made and mailed her some tiles to use. I used either Sculpey III or Fimo Soft polymer clay, depending on the tile.

These were white tiles stamped with rubber stamps, then painted with acrylic after they were baked. Some of the details I painted a darker color first, then "dry brushed" with paint on my finger to apply the light color to the raised sections. I did do a lot of touch up with a small brush afterwards.

These were gold clay stamped with a rubber stamp, then "dry brushed" with metallic blue paint on top after they were baked, then dusted with gold powder (similar to Pearl Ex, but mine are called Fairie Dust).

I am not too fond of these pink flower tiles. Mod Podge makes hot melt glue sticks and molds to be used with these glue sticks.  I found it hard to get the molds filled well. I glued them to already baked polymer clay tiles and painted them with acrylic paint and applied a russet colored shimmer powder.  The backs of the flowers are somewhat lumpy so they are not completely flat with the face of the tile. I do think these flowers would work well on some of my  Day of the Dead skulls.

If you decide to try the Mod Podge glue sticks, please note the following, these are hot melt glue sticks. They really need to be used with silicone molds. There are other brands of low temp glue sticks that can be used with rubber stamps and other molds, but do not use the Mod Podge glue sticks with these.

For these, I embossed copper and brass metal sheets with embossing folders and my Wizard (similar to a Cuttlebug). I then used double stick tape to attach each to a piece of mat board, then folded the edges around to the back of the board.

All of the polymer clay tiles (not the embossed metal ones) were given a coat of Galaxy Gloss to give them a shiny finish.

I also made the alphabet tiles and some gold "grout" sticks, but forgot to take pictures before I mailed them.

I love the Laurie Mika book "Mixed Media Mosaics", which is what I used as a reference for my polymer clay tile making.

Here are some progress photos my sister sent.

And the framed almost completed.

Finished! Happy 50th Mom and Dad!


  1. What a surprise when I opened the box from UPS early this A.M. Cinda said I could not open it until Sat. I missed the photo she used which was from our 45th anniversary in 2008, but found out it was hidden behind some foam when i talked with Cinda this a.m. It took Cinda a while to assemble it. She used some old jewelry pieces I had given her in July. She has started making jewerly with fimo clay and using various finishes including pearlescent powders. I know some of the jewelry pieces belonged to Jack's Mother. You have to look closely to see the gold tiles that say happy 50th Anniversary. We were married at the First United Church of Christ in New Philadelphia, OH. At that time wedding receptions were held in the church. I wish I had the recipe for the punch made by the Goshen Dairy. What a special gift from my two talented daughters. This was certainly a work of love. We will hang it in the front hall, but because of the weight and size of the frame I want to make sure it has a proper hardware for hanging. XXXOOO Mom & Dad

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